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Immerse yourself, get sweaty, move your body and feel alive

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Meet the Box

We provide an immersive hot yoga experience. Our serene studio is dimly lit and gently heated to help ease you through a juicy full body nourishing yoga flow.



Pomme D’Or Hotel, St Helier

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A different flow to yoga

Our classes are Vinyasa flow based, meaning yoga postures are sewn together with the breathe to create a flow of yoga poses.

Our Hot Box is an inflatable heated yoga studio, providing an immersive and serene hot yoga experience, Our perfectly designed studio is dimly lit and gently heated to an optimum temperature of 37 degrees , to help ease you through a juicy, full-body nourishing yoga flow.

Our vision is to make hot yoga accessible for all islanders with a fun, no - pressure approach. Each class follows a different flow-based yoga sequence - allowing you to explore many yoga postures, moving your whole body and therefore reaping all the benefits. Classes are designed for all levels, so whether you’re looking to try out yoga for the first time, or you’re a Bikram buff, we ensure our yoga is beneficial and challenging for everyone.

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Hotbox Yoga Team

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Bring a bottle of water to make sure you are hydrated throughout the session.

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